BES Weely Tilt Recline Wheelchair


A comfort tilt in space wheelchair for nursing home and home use.

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BES Weely Comfort Wheelchair
Innovative Mid-wheel Design – The only manual wheelchair on the market that possesses a mid-wheel design. Smallest turning circle ever – a fraction of that possible with conventional manual wheelchairs. Easy access to the wheel rims provides effortless motion, and most efficient self-propulsion position. The ergonomic positioning promotes natural movement with the head and trunk at the centre of rotation. Ideal for small spaces or busy environments such as home and nursing homes.

  • Balance and Comfort – The hydraulic setup makes balanced tilt and recline adjustments easy for carers. Built-in suspension on each castor allows for comfortable manoeuvring, absorbing shocks that could trigger spasms
  • Six-wheeled Stability – The six-wheel formation provides improved stability for a more comfortable ride, allowing trouble-free movement even on carpets and rough surfaces. The chair maintains its centre of gravity and point of balance even when tilted.
  • Mid Wheel – manoeuverability in small and busy environments
  • Adjustability – Allowance for adjustability of seat width/depth, leg length/depth, back length, arm support height, and angle of foot supports. Easily integrated with the Varilite range of back supports and Bodypoint range of belts/ harnesses. Comes in three different sizes with a choice of wheel diameters (51cm, 56cm, 60cm)
  • Manual Handling – A hand-operated lever lifts the front castors, allowing carers to easily manoeuvre over kerbs in a forward direction – this allows for stable, more dignified mobility for the occupant. The kerb climbing assistance offers a safe, practical way to pass over kerbs or low edges of up to 13cm high, helping to reduce manual handling injuries among carers

*This price is based on standard configuration only. This item may have multiple additional extras that are not included in the published price.
No obligation home assessment.
As a prescriptive chair it is recommended that a full assessment is made. This is a free service to ensure that the wheelchair is correct and fits you perfectly. Our wheelchair expert will visit you at home with demonstration chairs for you to select the correct make and model. Sizes will be taken and then you can choose extra features to suit you and enhance your wheelchair. Please call 0844 245 0062 or complete the form below and we will contact you to arrange your free no obligation home assessment visit.

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