Spring is almost with us, and thoughts might be turning to booking a week or two in a holiday house or hotel. However, for people with restricted mobility, finding suitable holiday accommodation can present a real challenge. Here are some tips to help you or your family enjoy a stress free holiday.

Decide on the location

If you or your family member uses a wheelchair or mobility scooter, a location in the UK that is in a relatively flat area might be the most practical option. Check out the local tourist attraction websites to see how well equipped they are for disabled visitors, including lifts, toilets, ramps, and so on. 

Make sure the accommodation meets your needs

When choosing a holiday cottage or apartment, first look at the outside space. Obviously there should be step-free access to the property, or ramps supplied to allow for wheelchair access. There should also be sufficient outside space to allow you to unload a wheelchair and any equipment safely. 

Inside, downstairs bedrooms and bathrooms with widened doorways and smooth laminate flooring will be suitable for wheelchairs. Touch free technology that allows the user to activate fittings and fixtures with voice controls are also a very useful feature. 

Look for the National Accessible Scheme (NAS)

The NAS is a scheme that is designed to make it easier for people with disabilities to find suitable holiday accommodation in the UK. Certified properties are graded into three categories and will carry an Official Ratings Logo and a written Access Statement. 

There are separate categories for hearing impairments, visual impairment, and mobility impairment, with a rating to indicate how suitable the property is for guests with each type of impairment. 

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