Tips For Planning A Wheelchair Friendly Holiday In The UK

wheelchair - woman sitting on wheelchair

Holidays are essential for all of us to take a break. However, if you are a wheelchair or powerchair user, the logistics of going away can be more complicated.

Why Was The First Mobility Scooter Unsuccessful?

heavy-duty mobility scooters

A heavy-duty mobility scooter is an essential way for some people to get around during the summer, but the first recognisable example was a surprising failure.

Campaigners Call for Commissioner for Older People & Ageing

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Campaigners and representatives from charities supporting older people delivered a petition to number ten Downing Street to call for their own Commissioner.

4 Picturesque Wheelchair Friendly Coastal Trails In The UK

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You may be considering taking a short break by the sea. If you are a wheelchair or powerchair user, then naturally a key priority will be accessible paths.

How Can Public Transport Be Made More Accessible For All?

kwk powerchair - Person with a physical disability inside public transport

Users of wheelchairs, powerchairs, and mobility scooters will be all too familiar with the obstacles they can face as they try to go about their daily lives.

Campaigners Criticise Government Disability Action Plan

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The government has launched a Disability Action Plan, with the intention of making the UK the most accessible place in the world for people with disabilities.

What Will Self-Driving Vehicles Mean For Disabled People?

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There are many potential advantages of self-driving vehicles. However, they may not be the transport solution that disabled people have long been hoping for.

What Are Pressure Sores And How Can They Be Best Managed?

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Pressure sores are areas on the skin and underlying tissues that have become damaged through a reduced blood supply. They can lead to serious complications.

Top Suggestions For Wheelchair Friendly Days Out In The UK

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The UK is blessed with many venues and attractions that have made a determined effort to accommodate the needs of disabled people. Here are a few suggestions.

Cross-Party MPs Criticise Government’s Disability Strategy

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A cross-party committee of MPs has strongly criticised the National Disability Strategy, describing the efforts to engage with disabled people as ‘superficial.’

UK Disability History Month 2023 Focuses On Youth Experience

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UK Disability History Month 2023 (16 November-26 December) focuses on the various experiences of disablement among children and young people throughout history.

How To Choose Between A Powerchair And A Mobility Scooter

Indoor Powerchair, Electric Wheelchair, Motorized Power Chair An

Powerchairs, also known as electric wheelchairs, and mobility scooters are designed to help people with limited mobility move around with more independence.

Disabled Campaigners Celebrate Ticket Office Closure U Turn

Rear Side Of Pickup Car Stop And Brake On The Road. Wait For Ano

Disability rights campaigners are celebrating the government’s decision to scrap plans to close hundreds of rail ticket offices after concerns were raised.

Concerns Raised For Accessible Transport Laws And PIP System

Person on wheelchair with disability using accessible car ramp for transport with help of an assistant driver.

Disability rights campaigners have criticised the complex legislation around accessible transport laws in a recent address to the Common transport committee.

Call For Improved Disabled Access To Gigs And Festivals

disabled parking spot

Entertainment venues have to meet accessibility requirements to ensure gigs can be attended by wheelchair users, but in reality this is not always the case.