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Molift Smart 150 – Battery
NiMH 14.4 V – 2.2 Ah

DescriptionItem no.


Replacement batteries for Smart 150, Mover 180 and Quick Raiser series
Rechargeable Battery. Provides 14.4V of high amperage power.

Available as:

Nickel Hydrate (NiMh) battery (Green) or

NB. Black top Nickel cadmiun  (NiCd) batteries can be charged with GrThe Green batteries came out in 2009. They replaced the older Grey batteires. The NiCcd batteries are no longer available.
The new batteries are more environmentally friendly when it comes to disposal. Thit is the key difference.
The older NICd batteries can be charged on the new chargers but the new batteries cannot be charged on the older chargrers.een chargers, Green top batteries cannot be charged with black top chargers.

Suitable for:

Molift Smart – either battery type
The complete range of Molift Quickraisers – either battery type
Molift Partner 3 – NiCd battery only

The Molift Power Pac system is a battery solution consisting of batteries mounted in an aluminium profile, which is placed in a holder on the column. The battery charger can be wall mounted or a free-standing desk top tray is an option, then just plug into a regular wall socket. The charger warranty is two years and up to five years if annual safety checks are done. The battery warranty is one year.

Useful suggestions:

– Keep two batteries and have a lift that works all the time
– Make sure to drain each battery before charging
– Always keep a fully charged battery in the charger

Molift Power Pac battery 14.4V NiMh Smart
Suitable for Quick Raiser series and Smart 150 hoists

Please note that the NiCd are from 2010

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