Q2 Glide Fin Transfer Board

Q2 Glide Fin banana transfer board. 45 Stone

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    Q2 GlideFin
    The Q2 GlideFin is an ultra low friction glide sheet material fin that
    is designed to provide a smooth, extremely easy sliding movement
    across a Q2 Mobility Board during transfer.
    It can be attached and removed from the Q2 Mobility Board in
    seconds and is non permanently fixed to the board using an
    elasticated non slip material. Affixing the ergonomically designed fin
    to the Q2 Transfer Board enhances the smoothness of a curved
    transfer and unlike using an unattached separate glide sheet with a
    transfer board the attached Q2 fin reduces the risk of patient injury.
    The Q2 GlideFin is particularly useful when the patients bare skin is
    exposed as this usually makes movement across a transfer board
    impossible. However with a Q2 GlideFin attached to the Q2 Board
    the patient can be safely and easily transferred even with bare skin
    The Q2 GlideFin is made from a Patient Specific glide sheet
    material and is cost effective to replace.


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