Dietz Sango Powerchair

The rear-wheel drive SANGO offers particular advantages when driving takes place outdoors and across various terrains. This wheelchair steers extremely steadily, even at high speeds. The rear-wheel drive can be fitted with sprung front forks for even more comfort.

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The SANGO Advance comfort powerchair combines great traction and comfort for outdoor environments.

A rubber suspension system offers a very quiet drive and a high level of comfort as it absorbs everyday vibrations as well as those larger bumps when out and about. The additional pivot bar stabilises the chair on cambers and whilst cornering. An optional kerb climber can be fitted to aid negotiating driving up kerbs as high as 9 cm.

4-pole high torque motors deliver great manoeuvrability and smoothness of drive to give a great driving experience.

6 or 10 km/h motor speeds are available to suit most indoor and outdoor use. For those wanting to go even faster 12.5 km/h motors can be selected. A Gyro module can also be selected to enhance straight line driving at higher speeds.

50 or 60Ah batteries allow a good range of driving and use of the many powered adjustment options that can be chosen. An upgrade to 78Ah batteries will extend the range and use even further. An ultra-low seat height from 38cm (with 12” drive wheels) means transfers, access under tables and other furniture as well as driving into Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV’s) can be done effortlessly. If also required, the SANGO RWD can be ordered with preparation for use of the DAHL drive system making it a great option for driving a wheelchair accessible vehicle from the powered wheelchair.

The SANGO advanced with SEGO comfort was the first powered wheelchair developed by DIETZ Power and forms the basis for the whole SANGO range.
The customers played a significant role in the development of the SANGO. All of their input, along with the many years of experience the DIETZ Power developers have, is reflected in the resulting design of the SANGO.

Product features

Possible with SEGO comfort or with SEGO junior
Available as FWD, RWD or MWD
Minimum seat height of 39 cm, even with powered adjustments
Extremely maintenance friendly; replacing parts is simple, as they are all easily accessible
Superbly easy access to electronics
High level of comfort, ease of use, reliability and manoeuvrability
Constructed in a straightforward and robust way, and its carefully designed structure makes it exceptionally stable
Crash tested according to ISO 7176-19, approved for passenger transport in a vehicle.

Drive Types
Rear  Wheel DriveMid Wheel DriveFront Wheel Drive
Wessex Healthcare supplies quality mobility products and independent living aids to the less abled and disabledRear wheel drive
Swing away legrest
Total length A 83 cm
Total length B 98 cmWheelbase C 45 cm
Midwheel drive
Centre mount legrest
Total length 93 cm
Total length B 118 cmWheelbase C 73 cmWessex Healthcare supplies quality mobility products and independent living aids to the less abled and disabled
FWessex Healthcare supplies quality mobility products and independent living aids to the less abled and disabledFront wheel drive
Centre mount legrest
Total length A 93 cm
Total length B 108 cmWheelbase C 57 cm
 Sego Advanced
 Max user weight    160 kg Maximum speed  6, 10 and 12.5 km/h Wheel sizes   Drive wheels
A 12 and 14″Castor wheels
B RWD/FWD 8″ and 9″
MWD 7″ and 8″
 Total width
Drive wheels 14″ outside
Min. 61,5 cm
Max. 70 cm


  Seat height
Drive wheels 14″ without seat cushion
39, 41 – 46 and 48 cm
 Total height
Drive wheels 14″ without headrest
 min. 101 cm
 max. depending on configuration
SEGO Comfort 

Seat / back width
42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52 and 54 cm


Seat depth
Adjustable from 42 to 56 cm
Backrest height
Without headrest and seat cushion
50 and 57 cm


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